Moments we will never get back.


Im sure the topic was inspired by the actual movie Body of Evidence (1993 film), a 1993 erotic drama starring Madonna and Willem Dafoe ,Body of Evidence (novel), a 1991 novel by Patricia Cornwell. My Lecturer, Sonia Hamilton was open minded and allowed us to explore the human body with beautiful photographs. In her class everything we had the freedom to get creative in anyway that inspired us.

The model was an acquaintance at the time and had an intriguing energy. She was a nonchalant girl from the suburbs and had an interest in jewellery and modelling. She didn’t limit herself to any rules or confinement to religion. I was drawn to her and had the opportunity to capture her beauty.


Kayla Kim Rocking the big Ginger Mary Hair! This girl is a trend setter and models for Africa’s best selling teen magazine, seventeen.


I love photographing because your able to do to manipulate and capture anything by just using the correct settings on your machine. Or using the incorrect settings and being left with an incredible recorded moment that we can never get back.

dirty kids

On our way back home from a skate competition ”Maloof” in Kimberley,Northern Cape.We were lank hungry and got sponsored boxes of food.

misses strange

Part 2 of Body of evidence.This lady has way more carrisma than the previous model. She has attitude and enjoys spending time living the rock and roll lifestyle.

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