What do you want?

What do you want?.. My aim is to achieve greatness. To exceed my own expectations. Somehow we don’t realize our worth, our amount of awesomeness. I want to be the best I can be in every way and every being.

To be happy to give happiness. To breathe love and bless the weak with kindness. To capture the beauty of every moment not only with my camera but with the eye.

Becoming a rock-star, a stripper, a musician, a pilot, being famous has never electrified my soul. My vision has always being misty. I never knew what I wanted because I never wanted much. I wanted simple, but just enough greatness to satisfy myself. I was lost and tainted.Today I’m a designer for 8 different magazines. It is hard work ,stressful , mind blowing, at times you want to leave a suicide note on your desk reading ” CARRY ON WITHOUT ME ” But as you go along it gets a bit easier and more challenging, having to upgrade your skills as much as you can. Design is a lot like skateboarding, its tricky, complicated, soul empowering, creative and then there’s the physics part and time consumption. The longer you you do it, the better you get. I’ve been worked my butt off to get where I am! Its been along ride, but worth all the effort and hard work.

Im driven and dedicated. “To be full creative we must lose the fear of being wrong” .. I’d love to lay in the sun and blog all day ..photograph all day ..travel the world .. who knows maybe someday you and I will.

There’s so much around you , to embrace the possitive and negative energies whichbalance your dream. There’s so much to share..share your love and passion. Always be true and honest to yourself and others. Your dream is as big as you make it.

Share your heart , spread the love ..make everything count suckers!

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Turban Mayhem

New obsession … TURBANS !!!!

I am so feeling turbans right now and they’re so on trend.

Not only are they a “bad hair” saviour, but a turban is the ultimate symbol of chic and hollywood glamour.

What is a Turban lol ..A turban, also known as bulle in some cultures, is a kind of headwear based on a cloth winding; there are many different variations. Turbans are usually worn as customary headwear, usually by men, in many communities in IndiaAfghanistan, the Middle East, in some areas of North Africa, in eastern Africa (especially in Kenya), South Asia, and some parts of Jamaica. Turbans worn in Pakistan and India, are known as Pagri.

For Sikhs, a religious group originally from Punjab in India, wearing the turban, which they refer to as Dastar, is an important religious observance. In Kenya, turbans are religious wear worn by the Akurinu, a Christian denomination. The official name of the denomination is The Kenya Foundation Of The Prophets Church or else Holy Ghost Church. Both men and women wear white turbans; children wear tunics.


Follow These Links If You’d like to learn how to do your own turban.





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Moments we will never get back.


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To Have and To Hold

To Have and To Hold, through sickness and health, here, now and forever! We’d all be lucky if we all had someone special to spend forever with. True love is what we all search for. Someone to share love with, someone who understand you, respects you and your values, somebody who is always there for you and makes you a better person than you were yesterday.

I had the privileged of photographing this wedding in Bokaap, Cape Town with one of my close friends – Laeeqah.
We had loads of fun and complications with the weather. Nevertheless we pulled it off and kept our client happy with beautiful wedding pictures.

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